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Advantages of Publishing with ACT

Fastest way to publish your article

Authors' web publishing

  • Our fully networked publishing procedure based on the latest technology greatly reduces the time from manuscript submission to web/paper-based publication.
  • J-Stage, the electronic journal repositry we use to distribute ACT articles, uses a high-speed trunk line that can accommodate heavy traffic.
  • ACT owns the copyright on articles accepted by ACT for publication in electronicform, but private web publishing by the author is authorized under the following conditions:
    - After web publishing by ACT
    - A PDF file that contains the reference data of the ACT article

Internet electronic service

Alert service

  • Each article published in electronic form can be up to 10 MB, allowing the attachment of video clips, raw data, and executable files.
  • Permanent archiving of all articles.
  • On-line tracking of submission stage and processing status of articles following initial submission.
  • Upon publication of an issue, our e-publishing server sends an email listing the contents of that issue to all registered researchers, thereby giving your new article an instant readership consisting of thousands of registered concrete engineers and scientists. Visit and subscribe our alert service.

Quick entry in bibliographical databases

Free copy and off-prints

  • The reference data of articles published by ACT are indexed in a various database including CAS, Compendex, JDream, SCI and Google Scholar. This ensure fast and wide searchability of your work.
  • You will receive an offical PDF that can be put on your own web site or the institution repository for public downloading if necessary.


No charge for article submission

  • ACT articles have DOI code and cross-referenced with Cross-ref and ChemPort.
  • Citations of ACT articles can be searched with SCI and Google Scholar.
  • You need not be a JCI member to submit your article(s). Moreover, submission and publication of articles are free of charge.