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Outstanding papers of the year - Selections of the ACT Advisory and Editorial Board
Vol. 1 (2003 ) Self-Compacting Concrete
Multi-scale Modeling of Concrete Performance- Integrated Material and Structural Mechanics
Engineered Steel Fibers with Opticml Properties for Reinforcement of Cement Composites
Vol. 2 (2004 ) Theoretically Identified Strong Coupling of Carbonation Rate and Thermodynamic Moisture State in MicroPores of Concrete
Mesoscopic Simulation of Failure of Mortar and Concrete by 2D RBSM
Development and Validation of Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis in Seismic Performance Verification of Underground RC Structures
Vol. 3 (2005) Development of Simulation Model of Chloride Ion Transportation in Cracked Concrete
Multi-Mechanical Approach to Structural Performance Assessment of Corroded RC Members in Shear
An Advanced Concrete Recycling Technology and its Applicability Assessment by the Input-Output Analysis
Vol. 4 (2006) Applications of Electron Probe Microanalyzer for Measurement of Cl Concentration Profile in Concrete
Practical Design Criteria for Saturated Pseudo Strain Hardening Behavior in ECC
Time-Dependent Structural Analysis Considering Mass Transfer to Evaluate Deterioration Process of RC Structures
Vol. 5 (2007) Nano-structural changes of C-S-H in Hardened Cement Paste during drying at 50°C
Simulation of Steel Corrosion in Concrete Based on the Model of Macro-cell Corrosion Circuit
Serviceability Performance Evaluation of RC Flexural Members Improved by Using Low -Shrinkage High-Strength Concrete
Development of a Sustainable Concrete Waste Recycling System - Application of recycled aggregate concrete produced by aggregate replacing method
Vol. 6 (2008) Multiscale Model for Creep of Shotcrete - From Logarithmic-type Viscous Behavior of CSH at the µ-scale to Macroscopic Tunnel Analysis
Stochastic Approach to Shrinkage Cracking Control for Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements
Shear Fatigue Simulation of RC Beams Subjected to Fixed Pulsating and Moving Loads
Vol. 7 (2009) Effectiveness of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers in Ultra-High Strength Concrete: The Importance of PCE Compatibility with Silica Fume
Self-healing Capability of Fber Reinforced Cementitious Composites
Experimental Investigation on Shear Cracking Behavior in Reinforced Concrete Beams with Shear Reinforcement
Vol. 8 (2010) Steel Corrosion Induced by Chloride or Carbonation in Mortar with Bending Cracks or Joints
Crack Self-healing Behavior of Cementitious Composites incorporating Various Mineral Admixtures
Modeling and Analysis of Shear-Critical ECC Members with Anisotropic Stress and Strain Field
Vol. 9 (2011) Mesoscale modelling of the chloride diffusion in cracks and cracked concrete
Behaviour of strain-hardening cement-based composites under high strain rates
Numerical Simulation on Shear Capacity and Post-Peak Ductility of Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Coupled with Autogenous Shrinkage
Vol.10 (2012) Enhanced Model and Simulation of Hydration Process of Blast Furnace Slag in Blended Cement
Enhanced Long-Term Resistance of Concrete with Marine Sessile Organisms to Chloride Ion Penetration
Kinematics of Corrosion Damage Monitored by Acoustic Emission Techniques and Based on a Phenomenological Model
Vol.11(2013) Meso-scale Mechanical Model for Mortar Deformation under Freeze Thaw Cycles
Application of X-Ray CT to Study Diffusivity in Cracked Concrete Through the Observation of Tracer Transport
Pseudo-Cracking Approach to Fatigue life Assessment of RC Bridge Decks in Service
Vol.12 (2014) Hygrometric Assessment of Internal Relative Humidity in Concrete: Practical Application Issues
Micromechanical Study of the Interface Properties in Concrete Repair Systems
Strength of Beam-column Joint in Soft First Story of RC Buildings Part 2: Design Equations
Vol.13 (2015) Rapid Degradation of Concrete Anchorage Performance by Liquid Water
Evaluation of alkalinity of pore solution based on the phase composition of cement hydrates with supplementary cementitious materials and its relation to suppressing ASR expansion
Numerical Approach towards Aging Management of Concrete Structures: Material Strength Evaluation in a Massive Concrete Structure under One-Sided Heating
Vol.14 (2016) Mechanism of Long-Term Excessive Deformation and Delayed Shear Failure of Underground RC Box Culverts
A numerical model for concrete strength change under neutron and gamma-ray irradiation
Action mechanisms of shrinkage reducing admixture in hardened cement paste
Vol.15 (2017) Remaining Fatigue Life Assessment of Damaged RC Decks -Data Assimilation of Multi-scale Model and Site Inspection
Development of soundness assessment procedure for concrete members affected by neutron and gamma-ray irradiation
Modeling of corrosion-induced damage in reinforced concrete considering electro-mechanical coupling
Vol.16 (2018) Computational Life Assessment of ASR-damaged RC Decks by Site-Inspection Data Assimilation
Impact of drying on structural performance of reinforced concrete shear wall
Compressive Strength and Deformation Capacity of Concrete under Sustained Loading and Low Stress Rates