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Volume 9, Subject Index Best three papers of the year 2011
Materials Page
Development of structure-property relationships for concrete 5
Lightweight aggregate self-compacting concrete: State-of-the-art & pumice application 15
Effect of electrochemical penetration of lithium ions on concrete expansion due to ASR 31
Effect of the methylene blue Value of Manufactured Sand on Performances of Concrete 127
Pore Structure Model of Hydrates Comprising Various Cements and SCMs Based on Changes in Particle Size of Constituent Phases 133
Use of a new approach (design of experiments method) to study different procedures to avoid plastic shrinkage cracking of concrete in hot climates 149
Corrosion of reinforcing steel in fiber reinforced cementitious composites 159
Permeability of Sulfate Ions in Cementitious Materials Containing γ-Ca2SiO4 after Autoclave Curing and Accelerated Carbonation 223
Semi-quantitative prediction of the corrosion risk of steel in concrete using XRD analysis 231
Mesoscale modelling of the chloride diffusion in cracks and cracked concrete 241
Experimental Methods to Detect and Quantify Damage in Restrained Ring Specimens 251
Structures Page
Effective Jointing of Pre-cast Concrete Slabs with Self-compacting HSFRCC 41
Behaviour of strain-hardening cement-based composites under high strain rates 51
Blast Resistance of Polyethylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete to Contact Detonatioan 63
Numerical Simulation on Shear Capacity and Post-Peak Ductility of Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Coupled with Autogenous Shrinkage 73
Three-dimensional Nonlinear Bond Model incorporating Transverse Action in Corroded RC Members 89
Test Method for Cracking Resistance of Cover Concrete due to Corrosion of Reinforcement 169
Blast resistance of double-layered reinforced concrete slabs composed of precast thin plates 177
A computational simulation for the damage mechanism of steel-concrete composite slabs under high cycle fatigue loads 193
Inelastic Performance of High-Strength Concrete Bridge Columns under Earthquake 205
Influence of Both Stirrup Spacing and Anchorage Performance on Residual Strength of Corroded RC Beams 261
Reinforced concrete structures subjected to cyclic loading and corrosion 277
A Practical Rapid Screening Method for Evaluating the Seismic Capacity of Low-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings 301
Elongation of Plastic Hinges in Ductile RC Members: Model Development 315
Elongation of Plastic Hinges in Ductile RC Members: Model verification 327
Headed Anchor/ Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) Pullout Behavior 339
Environment, construction, Recycling and Maintenance Page
Heat transfer coefficient in flow convection of pipe-cooling system in massive concrete 103
Carbon dioxide uptake in demolished and crushed concrete 115
Evaluating procedure of optimal seismic retrofit level for a low-rise reinforced concrete building 287