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Volume 11, Subject Index Best three papers of the year 2013
Materials Page
Electrochemical Performance Evaluation of Corrosion Monitoring Sensor for Reinforced Concrete Structures 1
Meso-scale Mechanical Model for Mortar Deformation under Freeze Thaw Cycles
The Effect of Carbon Nano- and Microfibers on Strength and Residual Cumulative Strain of Mortars Subjected to Freeze-Thaw Cycles 80
Application of Electrical Treatment to Alteration of Cementitious Material due to Leaching 108
Mechanical, Electrical and Microstructural Properties of Cement-Based Materials in Conditions of Stray Current Flow 119
Durability against Steel Corrosion of HPFRCC with Bending Cracks 135
Effect of Sustained Flexural Loading on Self-Healing of Engineered Cementitious Composites 167
Molecular Dynamics Study of Water Molecules in Interlayer of 14 Å Tobermorite 180
Correlation between Permeability of Concrete and Threshold Pore Size obtained with Epoxy-Coated Sample 189
Kinematics on Split-Tensile Test of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete by AE 196
Double-Counting Problem of FEA with Simultaneous Use of Bond Link Elements and Tension-Stiffening Model 206
Estimation of Strength, Permeability and Hydraulic Diffusivity of Pozzolana Blended Concrete Through Pore Size Distribution 230
Creep and Shrinkage of Self-Compacting Concrete with and without Fibers 251
Application of X-Ray CT to Study Diffusivity in Cracked Concrete Through the Observation of Tracer Transport 266
Early Age Hydration, Microstructure and Micromechanical Properties of Cement Paste Modified with Polymeric Vesicles 291
The Development of Highly Durable Concrete Using Classified Fine Fly Ash in Hokuriku District 312
Characteristics of the Surface Air Permeability Test and the Evaluation of Quality Variation in Cover Concrete due to Segregation of Concrete 322
Change of the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Mortar Due to Damage by Freeze Thaw Cycles 333
Enhanced Shrinkage Model Based on Early Age Hydration and Moisture Status in Pore Structure 360
Proposal of analysis methods based on stagnation of chloride ion in concrete 374
Structures Page
Pseudo-Cracking Approach to Fatigue life Assessment of RC Bridge Decks in Service 7
Analysis of RC Structures Subjected to Multi-Directional Shear Loads 22
Predicting the Creep Strain of PVA-ECC at High Stress Levels based on the Evolution of Plasticity and Damage 35
Development and Evaluation of New Connection Systems for Hybrid Truss Bridges 61
Retrofitting of RC Frames by Steel Braced Frames Utilizing a Hybrid Connection Technique 89
Experimental Study on Blast Resistance of SIFCON 144
A New Methodology for Performance-based Seismic Evaluation of Low-rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Nonlinear Required Strengths 151
Fixed-Angle Smeared-Truss Approach with Direct Tension Force Transfer Model for Torsional Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Members 215
Ultimate Strength of Continuous Beams with Exposed Reinforcement 238
Mechanically Induced Cracking Behaviour in Fine and Coarse Sand Strain Hardening Cement Based Composites (SHCC) at Different Load Levels 301
Environment, construction, Recycling and Maintenance Page
The Work of Fracture in the Eco-Mechanical Performances of Structural Concrete 282
Durability of recycled aggregate concrete: An overview 347
Articles with a page number larger than 333 will be included in the selection of the best 3 papers of 2014.