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Volume 13, Subject Index Best three papers of the year 2015
Materials Page
Shrinkage cracking resistance of blast furnace slag blended cement concrete - Influencing factors and enhancing measures 1
Theoretical and experimental investigation of loading effects on chloride diffusion in saturated concrete
Method for estimating quantity of non-hydrated cement in a cement recycling system 44
Fresh properties of self-compacting concrete containing ground waste glass microparticles as cementing material 50
Mechanism of Change in Splitting Tensile Strength of Concrete Under Heating or Drying Up to 90 °C 94
Climber-inspired fuzzy logic approach to crack localization using image analysis 103
Effect of Self-Healing on the Different Transport Properties of Cementitious Composites 112
Stress analysis for concrete materials under multiple freeze-thaw cycles 124
Evaluation method of tensile behavior of corroded reinforcing bars considering radius loss 135
Influence of the Interfacial Transition Zone and Interconnection on the Chloride Migration of Portland Cement Mortar 169
Material design methods of lightweight cement-based composites and its application 178
Long term performance of alkali activated slag concrete 187
Simulation of humidity fields in concrete: experimental validation and parameter estimation 214
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete with the Variation of Microstructure of Steel-Concrete Interface 230
Relation between Chemical Composition and Physical Properties of C-S-H Generated from Cementitious Materials 275
Mesoscale simulation of deformation for mortar and concrete under cyclic freezing and thawing stress 291
Working Mechanism of Superplasticizer in Cement Paste with Fluoride Ion 305
Modeling of high-strength FRC members with non-uniform fiber distribution 311
Interaction between Montmorillonite and Chemical Admixture 325
Effect of Wollastonite Microfiber on Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cement-Based Composites based on Application of Multi-scale Fiber-Reinforcement System 332
Hydration studies of cementitious material using silica nanoparticles 345
Action mechanism of superplasticizer in consideration of early hydration of cement 373
A hypothesis for salt frost scaling in cementitious materials 403
Characteristics and Engineering Performance of C-S-H/Aminobenzoic Acid Composite Systems 415
Quantitative Evaluation of Crack Resistance Mechanism of Blast Furnace Slag Blended Cement Concrete via Restrained Shrinkage Stress Analysis 421
Rapid Degradation of Concrete Anchorage Performance by Liquid Water 438
Application of Sacrificial Point Anode for Prevention of Steel Corrosion in Cracked Concrete 479
Decision-making on Increasing Limestone Content of General Purpose Cement 528
Evaluation of alkalinity of pore solution based on the phase composition of cement hydrates with supplementary cementitious materials and its relation to suppressing ASR expansion 538
Effects of electrochemical chloride extraction on hydrated products of various cement paste systems 564
Structures Page
Flexural behavior of fire-damaged reinforced concrete slabs repaired with near-surfaced mounted (NSM) carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) rods 15
Collision capacity evaluation of RC columns by impact simulation and probablistic evaluationy 67
Flexural and interface behaviors of reinforced concrete/ultra-high toughness cementitious composite (RC/UHTCC) beams 138
Fatigue Performance of RC Bridge Deck Reinforced with Cost-to-Performance Optimized GFRP rebar with 900 MPa Guaranteed Tensile Strength 252
Influence of fatigue loading in shear failures of reinforced concrete members without transverse reinforcement 263
Scale Effect on CFRP Strengthening of Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames 355
Compressive Stress-Strain Relationship of High Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete 379
Strength of Concrete Struts for Strut-Tie Model Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Shear Span-to-Effective Depth Ratio of Less than 3.0 449
Thermo-hygral case-study on full scale RC building under corrosive environment and seismic actions 465
Fire Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Frames Subjected to Service Load: Part 1. Experimental Study 554
Environment, construction, Recycling and Maintenance Page
How to Make Concrete more Sustainable 147
Effects of Improving Sustainability of Concrete Structures by Wet Curing System 155
Purification of River Water Quality Using Precast Porous Concrete Products 163
Exploring the Potential of the Functionally Graded SCCC for Developing Sustainable Concrete Solutions. 193
Environmental Impacts of Combined Repairs on Marine Concrete Structures 205
Investigation on properties of ECC incorporating crumb rubber of different sizes 241
Application of electrodeposition method in upgrading mortar durability 367
Prediction of Drying Shrinkage Cracking of Eco-efficient Steel Chip Reinforced Cementitious Composite Considering Tensile Creep 393
Effect of the Mineral Admixtures on Pipe Flow of Pumped Concrete 489
Numerical Approach towards Aging Management of Concrete Structures: Material Strength Evaluation in a Massive Concrete Structure under One-Sided Heating 500