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Special issue on
“Cement and Concrete for Nuclear Waste Management”

Editors: Prof. Kenichiro Nakarai and PD Dr. Georg Kosakowski.

We have planned to publish a special issue of the Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology (JACT) to introduce fundamental research and practical development of cement and concrete technologies in the field of nuclear waste management. The safe management and disposal of radioactive waste are of critical importance for maintaining a sustainable society into the future. In the nuclear waste management, cement-based materials are often utilized to construct access galleries, storage cells, concrete plugs, and engineered barriers, as well as to backfill void spaces. Because of the large geochemical differences between cement and clay/rock, the long-term evolution of cement–clay interfaces needs to be studied by experts in the fields of cement and concrete as well as nuclear waste management. We aim to publish excellent related studies in Japan as well as other countries in the international journal. For example, technical papers introducing overviews of practical projects in Japan, scientific papers presenting long-term durability of cement-based materials for repositories are expected. In addition, the contribution of cement and concrete technologies to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan will be discussed. Papers for this special issue will be recommended by the editorial team of the special issue. After submission of the papers, they will be evaluated through the standard refereeing process in JACT. We really appreciate your kind contribution to publish your excellent research works in this special issue of JACT to promote international academic discussion on the advanced cement and concrete technologies for nuclear waste management with experts.

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Special issue on
“Aging Management of Concrete Structures in Nuclear Power Plants”

Editors: Dr. Yann Le Pape, Prof. Petr Stemberk, Dr. Miguel Ferreira and Prof. Ippei Maruyama.

Nine years after the accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the nuclear industry is facing a decisive moment. Confronted to the growing public concerns in Japan and the highly competitive environment driven by the low cost of fossil energies in the U.S., a gradual reduction of the nuclear power fleet’s capacity may seem inevitable. Furthermore, the challenges posed by the aging management during decommissioning need to be addressed, especially considering that this could add several decades to the service life of the concrete infrastructure. However, nuclear energy provides sustainable and carbon-free electricity and the necessary base-load power generation indispensable to a safe, dependable and economically viable generation mix including renewable energies. Considering that the replacement of existing concrete structures in the reactor building is economically unrealistic, the sustained long-term operation of nuclear power plants requires that the structural performance of the concrete structures, systems and components (SSCs) is maintained during an extended service period possibly reaching 80+ years. Extending nuclear power plants operations requires sound, comprehensive and reliable justifications of plant safety. Therefore, it is indispensable to conduct research on condition assessment, aging management, performance evaluation of materials, members, and structures in-service, and to develop predictive approaches to assess future performance of materials, members, and structures. Based on these backgrounds, a 2nd special issue on “aging management of concrete structures in nuclear power plants” is proposed with the objective to develop a State-of-the Art review, highlighting the current technical challenges and how to address them. We anticipate that this effort will provide the knowledge and methods necessary to reinforce the public trust and to provide the industry and the regulatory bodies the needed guidance and approaches to address future nuclear power generation technologies and the related development of advanced research on concrete for nuclear applications.

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Special issue on
“Toward Durable, Reliable and Innovative Concrete Structures”

Editors: Prof. Hidenori Hamada, Prof. Toshinobu Yamaguchi and Prof. Koichi Kobayashi

This special issue is planned for the 6th International Conference on "Construction Materials, Performance, Innovations, and Structural Implications". The authors awarded "ConMat'20 Best Paper Award" have been invited for this Special Issue.

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Published Special Issues

No. Title Editors
SP-10 Advances in Self-healing Cementitious Materials Tetsushi Kanda
SP-13 Concrete Sustainability Takafumi Noguchi
SP-14 Aging Management of Nuclear Power Plant Ippei Maruyama
SP-17 Interdisciplinary approaches for cement-based materials and structural concrete Miguel Azenha,
Dirk Schlicke,
Farid Benboudjema
Agnieszka Jędrzejewska